Festival booking 


Black Creek Photography is a boutique photography company specializing in capturing the best moments and true personality of forward thinking, positive, sustainable festivals for documentary, advertising, marketing and community building purposes. Current partnerships include official staff photographer for Kinnection Campout, Gratifly, Arise, Earthdance Florida and 3DL with a strong background based on years of dedication to humanist influenced community focused photography. Let us show you how we can grow your community through emotion rich, eye catching and meaningful images your fans will love to share with all their friends and treasure for years to come.


Sp ecialities - 

  • Social Media Viral  3, 6 or 9 month Campaigns
  • Yoga
  • Art & Live Painters
  • Flow
  • Workshops
  • Individualized Crowd Portraits
  • Mainstage Coverage



Email cheri[email protected] today to hear more about what we can do for you. 


"As a festival producer I have employed the services of Black Creek Photography for the past two years. What Black Creek Photography offers is so much more than what producers are used to seeing from a photographer. Delving into the intimate and hard to capture moments, she distills the essence of an event through an honest and beautiful look at the patrons and their expressions of bliss, awakening and frivolity. The result is literally hundreds of usable pictures, and while she can and does capture those big marquis moments of the music and the spectacle, it is truly her close focus on the heart of the event, the patrons, that makes her so valuable. The sheer volume of these pictures means a sizeable percentage of your patronage will be able to tag themselves in her photos after the event. My event got close to 1000 new likes on Facebook merely from this alone during post-production promotion. She is affable and a joy to work with, will provide un-watermarked images for your promotional usages upon request, and is a juggernaut asset to any event’s media team. I literally could not imagine not bringing her to my next event. I suggest any interested parties form a strong bond with this photographer and artist immediately as she charts her course to making a true claim as one of the preeminent photographers covering festivals in the United States today." - Edwin John Leskin, Executive Producer of Gratifly Music and Arts Festival